Abstract Formats for EHLC 2019

Three formats are offered for submission:

1) Research Oral/Poster Presentation

2) Symposium

3) Teach-In Workshop

Please note that participatory, collaborative sessions are particularly welcome.


Research oral and poster presentations report on the results of original research relevant to the conference theme and sub-themes. They may also present new methodological developments. Research abstracts should follow the following scientific structure: Background; Objective; Methods; Results, Discussion.

Abstracts must clearly indicate the conference theme/sub-theme, keywords, and preference for presentation format (oral or poster).

Abstracts will be clustered according to content. The number of oral presentation sessions is limited.  The scientific committee reserves the right to offer the alternative of a poster presentation to those who submitted an abstract for an oral presentation. 

Oral presentations (10-minute presentation and 5-minute Q & A)

Poster presentations (on-paper or projected electronic poster). Poster presenters will have pre-scheduled time slots for presentation and discussions with conference participants.


A symposium consists of a set of integrated oral presentations related to a particular topic around the conference theme.

The total time allowed for a symposium will be up to 90 minutes, consisting of three to five presenters with a moderator to facilitate the discussion (variations will be considered). At least 45 minutes of the symposium should be dedicated to interaction with the audience. We encourage the submission of symposia in which presenters and moderators/discussants represent different areas, such as policy-making, practice, and research. Diversity of gender, cultural and geographical representation is recommended.

The convener must submit an abstract of the entire symposium, stating the general objective and proposed format of the session, conference theme and/or sub-themes addressed, as well as the abstracts and contact details for each presentation in the symposium.

Past experience has shown that due to the challenges of room allocation in the conference facilities, a small proportion of submitted symposium abstracts are selected.  The scientific committee reserves the right to ask conveners to merge symposium projects.


A Teach-In workshop provides an opportunity for conference attendees to participate in a Skill Training Workshop. A workshop involves a session coordinator, and possibly several co-organisers/session trainers. The duration of the workshops will be up to 90 minutes.

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