Programme Overview

The conference will focus on the development of Internet of Things for Food (IoT4F). Internet of Things is the interconnection of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data via the Internet. The conference will consider the full food chain from primary production to consumer. The plenary sessions will address industry, academic, regulation / NGO and investment interests in IoT4F, with a focus on (1) observation and characterization of objects (e.g. sensing farm and food and deriving quantitative measures) (2) robotic devices (in the widest possible sense, including smart kitchens and 3D food printing) (3) digitizing IoT4F data (sensors, data pipelines and subsequent computation) and (4) applications for food safety, sustainability and security (disruptive and transformative technologies that have been developed and are emerging). In addition, there will be specific academic sessions, commercial demonstrations and design activities.


Day 1 - Monday 9th March 2020

9.30am       Opening Address and Welcome                                                              

                         Professor Dolores O’Riordan, Director UCD Institute of Food and Health

                         University College Dublin                     


9.45am         Session 1) Plenary Address                                                                        

                         Professor Tim Benton, Research Director                                                                                    

                         Chatham House                     


10.30 am        Coffee Break                                                                                                    


11.00am       Session 2) IOT4F on the Farm                                                                   

                         Martin O'Donnell, Chief Commercial Officer

                         Terra Nutri Tech                                      

                         Dr Laurence Shalloo, Research Officer and Principal Investigator

                         Teagasc/Vista Milk                                

                         John McCurdy, Technical Director


                         Prof Mark Keane, Professor of Computer Science

                         University College Dublin                     


1.00pm            Lunch                                                                                                                  


2.15pm         Session 3) IoT4F in the Food Factory                                                     

                         Dr Graham Finlay, Assistant Professor UCD School of Politics and International Relations                                             University College Dublin                                                                

                         Dr Andrea Zismann, Professor of Computing

                         The Open University                              

                         Mr Brendan Sheppard, CEO

                         Smart Factories                                       


4.15 pm          Close Day 1 and Welcome drinks                                                             

Day 2 - Tuesday 10th March 2020

9.00am       Session 4) Plenary Address                                                                        

                      Professor Linda Doyle, VP for Research

                      Trinity College Dublin                            


9.45 am      Session 5) IoT4F in the Food Retail                                                         

                      Professor Simon Pearson, Director of LIAT/Professor of Agri-Food Technology         

                      University of Lincoln                     

                      Brendan Rice, CEO and Co-Founder

                      Senoptica Technologies                       

                      Mr Damian O'Kelly, CEO



10.55 am    Coffee Break                                                                                                    


11.30 am    Session 6) Investment Panel                                                                     

                      Dr Ciaran Byrne (Chair)                          University College Dublin    

                      Eddie McDaid                                           IoT Entrepreneur           

                      Donal Ryan                                               Finistere                                     

                      Dr Stacey Kelly                                        University College Dublin    

                      Dr Tony Donnelly                                     University College Dublin    

                      Brendan Cremin                                      University Bridge Fund        

                      David Bowles                                           Yield Lab                                     


12.30 pm    Lunch                                                                                                                  


2.00pm       Session 7) Industry Pitches/ Academic presentations                   


3.30pm          Coffee Break                                                                                                    


4.00pm       Session 8) Workshops                                                                                 


6.00pm          Close Day 2 followed by Conference Dinner        

Day 3 - Wednesday 11th March 2020

9.00am       Session 9) Plenary Address                                                                        

                      Prof Tom Tomitch, Director, Agricultural Sustainability Institute        

                      University of California, Davis


9.45 am      Session 10) IoT4F and the Consumer                                                     

                      Dr Claire Timon, Senior Research Fellow

                      Dublin City University                            

                      Prof. Michel W.F. Nielen, Chair Analytical Chemistry

                      Wageningen University and Research

                      Dr Alison Eldridge, Expert Scientist, Nutrition Epidemiology and Dietary Intake Research

                      Nestlé Research Centre                        


10.55 am      Coffee Break                                                                                                    


11.30 am    Session 11) IoT4F in Food Systems                                                         

                      Prof Ram Ramanthan, Professor of Operations Management and Director, Business and

                      Management Research Institute

                      University of Bedford

                      Thomas McGrath, Chief Executive


                      Dr Thomas Oldfield, Sustainability Lead

                      Olam Group                                              


1.00 pm      Conference Close and Lunch              

                     Prof Nick Holden, Head of Subject, Agricultural Systems Technology,

                     University College Dublin                     

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